Negre Dolç Son Bordils

Negre Dolç Son Bordils

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Finca Son Bordils Dolç Negre 2012

Wine: Mallorca
Fresh , original wine, unmistakable flavor of grapes and
floral aromas , obtained from white grape varieties
Prensal and Moscatel de Grano Menudo , also called
Muscat of Frontignan .
Merlot 100% .
Vineyards of 15 and 16 years , with an average production of 2
kg / strain . Located on the end of Inca at 60 meters above
sea ​​level, with east-west orientation and tilt
average of 10% . They are in a floor - type aluvióncalcáreo
On 14th September 2012.
Production of the year:
1000 l. 0,50 liter bottles 2000
Controlled fermentation at 15 º C in steel tanks
Stainless . The wine was cold stabilized
and filtered.
Date of Bottling:
April 2013
Alcohol content :
12% vol.
Total acidity :
5.2 g / l tartaric acid
Volatile acidity :
0 , 68 g / l acetic acid
Reducing sugars:
61 g / l (glucose + fructose)
Tasting notes:
Denso golden yellow . The nose is encuenran
aromas of ripe grapes and honey. The palate is silky with
good sweet / acid balance . Comprehensive and balanced .
Drink : Serve at 12-13 º C. Goes well with foie gras , pates and cheeses
blue , and desserts.

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