Galmes i Ribot

Galmes i Ribot

Although there had been closing the last few wineries in Santa Margalida, in the course of the twentieth century, the town is located in a geographic place of great winemaking tradition. In fact, it is documented that in the seventeenth century Zaforteza Ramon Fuster, the famous Comte Mal, leased part of the land he had his knights for planting vines and the subsequent production of wine. These lands, called Rotes los Caballeros, currently belong to the family Galmés Ribot, after three generations cultivated vine balance in 1997 decided to devote himself entirely to reconvert white wines and rearing of high quality. A difficult challenge that all family members have taken with dedication and enthusiasm.

Fourteen acres of vineyards, where varieties Prensall White, Giro Blanc, Muscat, Chardonnay, Callet, Fogoneu, gorgollassa, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah, plus esperimentals grown: Escursac, wine bar, Argamussa, Valent White, Valent Black, Jaumillo, commanded ... which produce the different wines made Galmés i Ribot. Wines with character that reflect the good work and committed family spirit, essence of our land and our roots.

Wines to discover your own senses.

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