Mesquida i Mora

Mesquida i Mora

MESQUIDA MORA reflects the eagerness of the brother-and-sister team of Bàrbara and Jaume to take on a new personal challenge in the island of Mallorca. After converting our vineyards to biodynamic methods, we now venture into the production of wines that express the potential of a vineyard that is healthier, more alive, more authentic.

ACROLLAM white and ACROLLAM rosé are fresh, fruity wines that emanate a Mediterranean character. They are two wines from the interior of this island that bear its name in reverse. Wines that recall Mallorca.

TRISPOL and SÒTIL are the red wines that manifest the versatility of this viticultural project. They reflect two ways of making wine, different but at the same time complementary. A trispol (tile floor), a sòtil (ceiling) and enormous enthusiasm are the necessary elements for undertaking a new life project. TRISPOL is earth, body, structure. SÒTIL is sky, silhouette, lightness, sensibility.

The four wines made from a mosaic from varietal vineyards over terinta years grown with biodynamic and animal traction. Wines with character and emotion in which small details make the difference.

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