Son Campaner

Son Campaner

The Cellar Son Campaner is located in the region of Binissalem between Inca and Sencelles, only 15 minutes drive from Palma . In 5ha grow four varieties of grapes were planted between 2000 and 2004. Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot and Syrah as foreign and native Black Mantle .

" We take special interest in the exploitation of our best vineyards. They are placed in almost all our efforts. Underperformance and a ripe vintage and completely healthy , are the reasons for the quality of our wines. "

After purchasing the winery in late 2009 , we wanted to make the course not only vintage but develop our own wine . Because of the many steps to building our winery , we had to rent a warehouse in Binissalem and put the necessary machinery in order to produce the 2009 harvest.

We are committed together modernity and tradition in the steps for making wine . The manufacturing process is designed to work without pumps pasta, and more respect for the grapes. We got it working with conveyors using gravity. All red wines are fermented in open wooden tanks.

The construction of the new winery directly at the vineyard is planned for autumn 2012. La Bodega will look like typical Majorcan finca , lined with stone walls contrast with its interior, spacious and modern. Finding a shop with tasting room , event room with glass floor to not miss the processing room and finally an aging room.