4 Kilos Viticultors

4 Kilos Viticultors

History of wine

In August 2006 , Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero created in Mallorca " 4Kilos Wine " , a company dedicated to producing wines that reflect the strength of the grape and its nuances , but with a different approach and presentation.

Francesc Grimalt is winemaker and former partner / Technician Anima Negra winery in Mallorca. He is best known for rescuing the local variety of grape Callet , in the Balearic wine scene . Sergio Caballero is a musician, founding member and co -director of the festival of advanced music and multimedia art SONAR , which is responsible for its image.

In late September 2006 in the garage of a winemaker friend and with few resources but with great grapes , produced its first wine production : " 4Kilos 2006." Fermentation and maceration in wine refrigerators made ​​in milk tanks , due to their shape , generate a large area of ​​skin- wort. The remaining 50 % was produced in open barrels of 225l . The wine was aged in new French oak barrels fourteen months and its release was held in late May 2008.

In 2007 along with Apolonia Viticultors ( Balearic agrarian society ) are a small winery reconvertieron an old sheep barn located in Felanitx . There they could make harvest " 4Kilos 2007 " and his new project: " 12Volts 2007," that after 12 months in oak will be released in late 2008 .

His work in the warehouse is not subject to fixed rules change every year depending on the harvest. First hand selected grapes in the winery entrance . Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation can be performed in both oak and stainless steel. The duration of the aging in wood , type of oak barrels capacity and age of the barrel may vary depending on the vintage .

His concept is not only wine varietal concept but the important thing for them is the strain - soil-climate - grower set . From the beginning , they have had the support of winemakers , very important when trying to make a rational and environmentally friendly viticulture . In many vineyards , using native vegetation in order to obtain more concentrated grapes, better soil porosity and greater microbial population.

The vineyards are located in different towns south and north of Mallorca, why do not belong to OJ The strains are planted mostly in soils "Call Vermell " popular name to denote the clay loam soil with plenty of ferric oxide. The varieties grown are Callet , Cabernet Sauvignon , French Fogoneu , Merlot , Mourvèdre and Syrah .

The name " 4Kilos " comes from the initial investment in pesetas of its two partners , ie 4 million pesetas. A modest investment in this sector , which shows that a good wine is not dependent on a great economic effort but an ambition for quality and a passion for the product. 4Kilos is unmistakable signature and a statement.

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