Conde de Suyrot

All over the world the great wines born in the “gran-terroirs”.
The “savoir faire” and money are essential but not enough.
In a society, more than ever, for mass consumption and marketing dominated, there are, nowadays, two types of wine production.

One where prevails performance, profitability and marketing; this are mainly industrial and standardized wines, produced in soils easy to work with and mechanized.

The other one, striving to enhance the "terroir" of the quality; not always easy to cultivate, with small yields and a rigorous selection of the grapes and an artisanal winemaking, taken into account the peculiarity of every vintage and the love for doing a good job.

The winery Conde de Suyrot definitely was founded to belong to the second category but without giving up its soul to yield to the ease of standard wine.

Since already 15 years, the Conde Fabrice de Suyrot is dedicated himself to vineyard and to the production of great wines with character. He led for many years a winery near Bordeaux, there he was able to improve his qualities as oenologist. The wines he produced in France are today recognized as among the best in the region. They have garnered numerous awards and were enthusiastically praised by critics because of its refinement and complexity.

It is in 2006 when the Conde Fabrice de Suyrot decided to settle down at the fabulous “terroir” of the Colonia de Sant Pere with the purpose to revive the tradition of winemaking and started again to produce great wines.

After 20 years of business management and general management at international companies, Conde Régis de Fontaines joined the winery by becoming partner in 2012. He led the development of the national and international business.

Our production is very limited and we regret beforehand that we cannot satisfy all purchasers and enthusiasts.