Jose Luis Ferrer

Jose Luis Ferrer

In 1931 , and its only 28 years old, the young and restless José Luis Ferrer Ramonell , having studied engineering in France , founded the winery under the name Wine of Binissalem. Later it will receive its current name , Bodegas José L. Ferrer and Red Stripe , its flagship brand , which currently are synonymous with quality and prestige.

José L. Ferrer, was a pioneer on the island of Mallorca when :

Introduce new techniques in the cultivation of the vine.
Wine bottle for later sale .
Perform aging wines in oak barrels with the intention of improving the quality and performance of their wines.
He was the creator of great whites based on indigenous varieties , as there was a long tradition on the island , but a great acceptance by the arrival of fresh tasting.
And then in export large Mallorcan wines to Europe and USA

Currently the winery is still family owned , ranking the 3rd and 4th generation Becket lineage of Ferrer , who never have settled for what brought them to the historical memory and the inherited experience and therefore have always sought to enrich the legacy received .

Thus, from the grandfather, Jose Luis Ferrer Ramonell , to grandchildren , Sebastian and Jose Luis Roses, until the recent addition of his great-grandson Pepe Roses have all gone beyond our borders to discover and , where appropriate , apply at home new ideas and winemaking techniques worldwide .

From the time of the founding until today the winery has not lost an ounce of typicality and authenticity in the proposals, but has managed to greatly improve the final result. Advanced facilities that combine the best of modern and traditional techniques and, above all , live the passion of wine almost genetically transmitted from generation to generation , have been rewarded recognition of indigenous market and even outside our borders.

Centuries of tradition of an entire land and the passion and effort of a family is there after the name of Joseph L. Ferrer. Light and Magic , landscape and peasantry , culture and wit, soul and earth, and courage made ​​grape wine, this is essentially what is uncovered with each of the bottles from our cellar .