Miquel Oliver

Miquel Oliver

The winery , located in Petra , a small town in the heart of Mallorca, are now a perfect harmony between past and present .

A mind that is obvious and a past that we can travel from the hand of some ancient artifacts that dot the corners of the cellar . Objects that despite losing the use for which they were created, seduce us . Because they are full of secrets and full of memories ... They have lived , have seen, have heard ...If objects could talk ... !

They are pieces of a daily reality of old that have not only witnessed history, but part of it. From the most important part , which was the time when the foundations of the wineries in the now living and have been known to advance with time without losing their roots lay.

Where yesterday had " cubells " wood , today 's stainless steel tanks . Where were sensitive analytical instruments, today 's complex measuring equipment. Where there was a sophisticated phone today would be an antique, there are phones, computers , internet ... clocks and precision , however , are not yet able to stop time ... Though for a time, under the vaults of the cellar , we can have that feeling and feel of the past.

The walls of the cellar itself held the role given to them , and full of history , continue to witness every second. They have seen the story go from a privileged environment and have been writing with his strength, tenacity ... and wine.


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