Oliver Moragues Binicomprat

Oliver Moragues Binicomprat

OM Oliver Moragues wines are made in the old Possessió Binicomprat , one of the oldest estates in Mallorca, since it is already listed in 1229 in the ' Book of the Repartiment ' Jaume I, which tells the conquest of Mallorca. At that time the estate passed to the Knights Templar , and it was not until 1511 when the house became part of the present family , which since then has always been dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards and wine production .

Keep this piece of living history of Mallorca , every day faithfully to as it has been for the last five centuries inspires us and we mark the way forward in winemaking and land care .

OM Oliver Moragues currently has 7 hectares of vineyards all worked by hand following the principles of organic farming . Among the red varieties that can be found on the grounds are the French classics as Cabernet Sauvignon , Syrah, Melot and shutters.
Our red wines for aging wine vocation , and in that spirit working in search of ripe and healthy grapes that allow long maceration , to achieve higher removals .

Our white wines are seeking elegance and finesse of the aromas with balanced mouth own grapes farm .

We understand organic farming as a way of understanding the nature and basis of the specific plant care and disease prevention. Avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals on the plants , they can be fully developed over the years of his life, because the plant can grow up in a healthy environment rich in microorganisms necessary and beneficial and can develop their own defenses against diseases . This demands a very intensive work on each floor, and specific vital prevention to anticipate problems before they occur . The result are happier and stronger medium term, that offer much more fresh, healthy and ripe grapes matures.

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