Sebastiá Pastor

Sebastiá Pastor

In 1937 Sebastià Pastor Mayol, peasant son of peasants and vineyard lover begins to produce wine from grapes from their own vineyards .
It was very difficult beginnings , but the desire and conviction made ​​wines not go unnoticed . His dedication and estimate the field had been passed down from generation to generation , for a total of four generations.

The celler Pastor Sebastian has always had in mind the policy of continuous improvement. At the beginning it began developing with concrete tanks . As we were leaving new materials for the construction of tanks that allowed increasing the quality , do not hesitate to incorporate : fiberglass and stainless steel. It has combined the traditional form of development with new technologies : temperature control at all times during processing, controlled fermentation ...

In our cellar we have always had one thing clear , go for what makes us different , what makes us unique ; landraces Manto negro, Callet and Prensal Blanc (Moll )

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