Son Prim

Son Prim

The history of the winery Son Prim is the story of growing vines , wine , and Jaume Llabrés . In his work as a restorer of ancient furniture, noticed the lack of sunshine and fresh air, which served as a pretext to begin to " restore" the vines of his family .

At the family home in Sencelles, known as Son Prim, and whose small wine celler year for home consumption and the " Friends" was produced after year , James has one of the most unforgettable memories : when still very young and ( supposed ) after giving much the can, let him climb the " cup" to "help" with his grandfather and his father walked in the bunch . What a feeling !

It has been 15 years since the six hectares of vineyards located in several adjacent parcels to the road from Inca to Sencelels is replanted .
The next step was to modernize the cellar , not how to make wine - Jaume - points the best way to modernize was to do New and thus inaugurated a new winery Vintage 2004 was built.

Jaume grown in six-hectare property near where the terrain consists of red clay in Mallorca called "call vermell " , sands, limestone and a lot of boulders. This clay acts as a storehouse of nutrients for strains and retains rainwater does not run further and deeper because the area is flat . All this forms a land in which the roots reach deep and develop their root system , forcing the plant to find the best nutrients. To maintain soil structure and encourage their beneficial microbial flora mineral fertilizers are avoided and only helps the soil with organic matter every two or three years.


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