Vi D´auba

Vi D´auba

VIDAUBA SCL society is established as early 2006. Initiative , thanks to the effort and illusion four friends love the vine and wine , winemaking combines training, agricultural technology and business to create one of the best stocked wine cellars technologically .

Their goal is to produce wines of the highest quality from traditional farming practices .

Cultural practices and management of vineyards , always respectful of the environment, are geared to find the highest quality grapes respecting the natural rhythm of the plant and the balance of the environment. The work of cultivation, pruning and harvesting are traditional , exercising , at any time , a comprehensive process control over 7 hectares of vineyards that produce 100 % of the grapes subsequently vinified in the winery.

Each of the younger varieties have been planted with low yielding clones . In addition , they all follow the driving arbor system to ensure the highest quality .

Special mention are old vines planted with traditional glass system from which special and differential callet capable of seducing the most discerning palate is made.

The Winery located on the grounds of Son Bennàssar (Felanitx ) , one of the most beautiful spots in the region, the winery has a number of distinct and clearly defined areas . On the one hand , a ship receiving , processing and fermentation with corresponding equipment , all designed to respect the characteristics of the grapes and ensure final product quality.

Another ship , heated and controlled temperature and humidity , is designed for storage of the final product , which rests in oak casks specially selected high-end to get a good result.

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