Vinyes d´Alaro

Vinyes d´Alaro

In the farm itself has a house- formerly curtian skins- renovated in cellar with modern facilities environment in the vineyards with a micro-climate valley, little humidity between hills near the town of Alaró elaborated a unique white wine called Olorón in memory of the ancient name given by the Romans to the town of Alaro.

The treatments in the lands of Sa Taulera are as natural as possible, fertilizers from animals (sheep) and the minimum possible intervention and much prevention of diseases, although it does not have the seal of ecological, in the future will plant indigenous varieties such as Giró Ross .

 It produces a unique white wine of the Chardonnay Olorón variety with Pep Lambies label of a hand holding a grape grain, with a production of 35,000 bottles.

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