Armero i adrover

Armero i adrover


The winery Armero came when Luis and his wife decided to break the monotony and radically changing lifestyle . Luis 's wife and family had a hectare of vines planted in 1988 and three more, thus beginning their wine adventure. Based on a lot of imagination and hard work were learning and developing their experience in the field and in the cellar until 1992 they could establish their own facilities .

Today the white and pink Armero i Adrover wines are among the best on the island and reds evolve much promise . It is very honest wines with a very good relation of quality and price. All have very island character and always containing at least 50% native variety . Armero Luis describes his work as ' a culture of patience '; always tries to learn from the mistakes and pays close attention to detail . The cellar holds constant experimentation and learning is always based on new challenges.


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