Atlan & Artisan

Atlan & Artisan

The climate that surrounds the Balearic Islands is unique and so are the different corners of the islands, with different microclimates influenced by the sea and the winds. 8 Vents - was born on 8 Winds of the Islands. Working with different vineyards in the central north and south allows us to make a unique blend, according to the character of each year. 8 Vents is a true expression of the Mediterranean island.

Working with old vines, as in Murcia, is more than a passion for Sebastian Keller. He loves to discover the soil, the climate and the grape, always with the idea that when the wines age, their characteristic power becomes more elegant.

Phillipe Bramaz, formally trained as a winemaker, is inspired by the people who work with the given terroir.

At an early age, he learned to make wine, worked in famous Bordeaux trading houses, and traveled extensively in France. Founding his own Wine Company, he took him to the coasts of Asia, where he established different companies in the Hospitality and Wine Industry.

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