Bodega Canyelles i Batlle

Bodega Canyelles i Batlle

On our finca, we have a cellar for the wine elaboration and aging. It is mall, pretty, crafts, with modern technology, designed to develop, store and taste wines in the best conditions. Our vineyards have reached the optimum age and growth, we look after and pamper them the whole year. We try not to use pesticide treatments and only leave a minimal amount of bunches, in order to concentrate the highest quality at harvest.

Our strains are noble varieties, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. We know that the terrain responds as “Terroir” suitable and will give us great satisfactions.

In September, the grapes are collected by hand, selecting them one by one, placing them in small boxes, with great care, with less aggressive mechanical treatments.

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