Bodegas Bordoy

Bodegas Bordoy

The story tells of the existence of possession of Sa Torre by the year 1369 , being known on the island for the unique neo-Gothic chapel built in their vicinity and presiding land extending between Llucmajor and Cap Blanc. Legend has it that the master 's possession when he built his wish of having a boy . The truth is that this chapel is now blessing the vineyards of Bodegas Bordoy .

It all started when Miquel Bordoy Sastre acquired 1,993 plots of Sa Vinya Els camps and S'Aljub Vermell , belonging to the estate Sa Torre with the illusion that those lands that had sheltered the vines back centuries were a vineyard. His expertise, tenacity and vision made ​​everything else.

In the words of our winemaker Sergio Navarro

The climate of this area keeps its peculiarities , we are in the driest part of the island , with a very low rainfall and intense sunlight that benefits the vines with lower yields but higher quality . The soil is different , has a sandy loam structure, which means that it is very well drained , and provide low fertility , limiting the vigor of the plant , resulting in quality. Moreover, the composition of the subsoil gives the wines a mineral character

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