Ca´n Coleto

Ca´n Coleto

Since 2000 we have launched our vine production following the organic farming system .

We started planting a small plot of 2000 m2. The intention was to continue making wine from home.

The homemade wine was an old Majorcan tradition was to make wine for their own consumption . Family groups came together and working together, elaborated the wine which is then distributed .

The grapes come from their own vineyards or others were to harvest and bought .

Times were changing , old vines returned , people were looking for easy money and the vineyard had a lot of work . Then the vines were neglecting and robbing . We're talking about the 70s.

One of the people who endured longer vine plantations was Felanitx and my family moved every year to harvest grapes and then elaborated our home made ​​wine .

But when we joined the European Economic Community, the vineyards are subsidizing startups . Most people started their vineyard and we see that it was increasingly difficult to find to buy grapes .

This explains why we sembréssim vine to continue the family tradition. We decided to plant Monastrell wine as we wanted a rapid consumption of (young) and good production.

Problems came quickly. We'd need a suitable tractor, a specific tool , a place to make wine with good conditions, reservoirs , some machines , ...

Of course, with everything we needed we could produce more wine without increasing the cost almost nothing . So we decided to plant more vines.

Select the type of vid that gave good performance in Mallorca and that would , before long , to produce quality wines .

So sow Cabernet Sauvignon , Chardonnay , Merlot , Syrah and , to keep the varieties that formerly served to make wine in Mallorca also sow Callet , Manto Fogoneu and Black .

And now we are here after all these years with pride to show that the ecological system of cultivating the vine works. With the satisfaction of seeing that most of our wines are recognized with national and international awards. And above all, the joy of seeing face to face as like our people came to prove it.

Our current planting is 2.5 Ha and all the wines elaborated from grapes of our vineyards .

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