Castell Miquel

Castell Miquel

Winemaker & Pharmaceutical

With Castell Miquel Prof. Dr. Michael Popp has made his vision a reality : the unique combination of enjoyment and health. The winery owner and entrepreneur of the year 2008 is a world famous pharmacist. As the owner Bionorica SE, company won numerous awards for its innovative strength , is present in 50 countries worldwide . In Germany Bionorica is the leader in herbal medicines according to sales figures ( eg herbal medicines as Sinupret ® ) .

In his Castell Miquel Bodega in Mallorca winemaker Thomas Popp and Wambsganss pursue a clear vision: Castell Miquel produces wines of superior quality, flavor and putting healthy dimensions in the foreground.

Numerous international awards and medals testify to the quality of this effort.

Stairway to Heaven

The Castell Miquel Bodega is located in a picturesque setting in one of the most beautiful regions of Mallorca. From its elevated position allows orientao see the valley towards the rising sun . Legend has it that a peasant appeared to him an angel once advised him to plant a vine here. The farmer followed his advice and conviertieron vines in the best of the island. Out of gratitude the peasant put a sculpture of Our Lady in a nearby cave. However, to this day remains a secret cave .

References to the cave can be found in the original plans of the castle. When the current owner , Professor Michael A. Popp , acquired the winery property, took care to unravel the mystery . Recultivation the ancient lands of the Mallorcan farmers on the slopes blessed by the angel, terming the terraces " Stairways " ( English by stairs). In the case of the cave discovered seeks to place there own barrels to mature the wine, the name of which is already decided " Madona Cave " .

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