Es Fangar

Es Fangar


In 2002 the new owners of the historic Villa is your dream come true Fangar drawing a natural paradise. They get cast in the same concept biodiversity of nature to the care of the horses and the traditional Mediterranean culture .

The owners decided to create an unprecedented project in the Balearic islands that revolves around the cultivation of vines , producing a Mediterranean wine that stands for quality , personality and elegance.

Thus is born a future project , begins with the illusion of a family and projected.



Since we began this new phase for the wines of ES FANGAR , the philosophy of the project has had two vitals : The quality of grapes and biological management .
The root is ground and its management , the no tillage with plowing , rotation green manure or compost application produced on the farm, are the basic factors complexed composition and life in our soils and therefore the grapes and their wines.

The choice of varieties is another differentiating qualitative . Our vineyards thrive on local varieties such as base; Callet , Mantonegro , Prensal , and in support of foreign varieties , Cabernet , Merlot , Syrah , Chardonnay , Muscat .
The individualized care of each plant during each work , biological treatment by infusions or decoctions of medicinal plants against pests and fungi , tracking lunar cycles in each wine work or beekeeping as biological tool are other determining factors in the quality of our fruits , along with the typical Mediterranean climate , which offers outstanding conditions for the grapes to develop their full potential.

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