Pere Seda

Pere Seda

Pere Seda began devoting his life to his vineyards over a century ago, creating a dream that gave rise to the wineries named after him today.

Since those beginnings to the present day, the effort and perseverance of this enterprising winery have made it possible to keep bringing in the most advanced production and ageing control systems based on a family philosophy that imbues all of its wines with a unique personality. The world of wine is this family company’s passion, a craftsman’s pleasure, combining the skill of knowing the destiny of each wine with a modern, creative concept. This is the result of taking the greatest advantage of all of the qualities hidden within each grape grown in chalky soil with a rich subsoil and a typically Mediterranean climate.

Our staff are trained in the tradition that has made Pere Seda a guarantee of quality and the largest winery in the Pla i Llevant – Mallorca designation of origin. It has a great reputation, backed by winning various Spanish and international prizes, which have confirmed Pere Seda as an outstanding benchmark representing the Balearic wine industry.

Pere Seda now produces and markets young white, rosé, red and Crianza wines, as well as signature wines produced to an impeccable modern design.

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