Son Mayol

Son Mayol

At the beginning of 2016, the «Bodega Son Mayol» in the Sierra de Tramontana was completed and put into operation, considered by the Spanish architect Javier Campos as a harmonic oscillation and where we find a state-of-the-art technology that respects the environment.

According to the principle of gravity, the grapes fall into the fermentation vats and then into the barrels without using pumps. This results in a three-stage processing in which the work processes are reproduced in a top-down fashion. Wine making, storage and bottling are carried out with modern methods and machines.

The winery meets the latest environmental requirements and generates 100,000 kWh per year through the solar panels on the roof, which satisfies the energy needs of 34 single-family houses. In this way, the energy needs of all the facilities are more than covered and the rest is contributed to the network. Cold and heat are generated by heat pumps and all drinking water is treated and reused. Due to the beauty of the building and its location, which offers unique views, in spring, summer and winter (autumn is harvest time) the reception of the winery (300 m² plus 1200 m² of terrace) is rented for special events. During this time you can also visit the winery.

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