Son vives

Son vives

Family-owned artisan winery .

In 1986 Ramon Darder Malvasia replanted in the part of the farm that had been traditionally vineyard. Today we also have strains on the lands of the ancient Barony of Banyalbufar and elsewhere .

What at first was a product for home consumption , today is marketed with no lost this character of handcrafted wine and where the hand of man is involved throughout the process.

The vineyards are planted on terraces , so that all tasks must be performed manually. Winegrowing in these conditions can only be done if we make a high quality product and once this is properly recognized by the market

Each strain received the attention it requires and is treated as a separate unit . Because oreografía the municipality, each patch or terrace is different from others in counseling both wind and exposure to light, and even altitude. Thus each plot is harvested independently. Yields are very low in order to ensure a high content of phenolic componetes that will make our wine a unique product.


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