Vins Nadal

Vins Nadal

To visit wineries Vins Nadal - Mallorca, is to know one of the first and most important houses in Binissalem wine.

Founded by Miquel Fiol Nadal in 1932. It is a perfect example of generational decanting, which gives it that was so innovative in a warm atmosphere full of tradition.

In the vineyards of Vins Nadal SL, grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah, essential for the development of varietal, 110 wines, and the assemblage of Albaflor wines are grown.

The winery

Vins Nadal SL, produces wine DOBinissalem protected by the Wine and references to The Land of the Balearic Islands, with Albaflor brands and 110 respectively.
Albaflor is the name of the first wine produced Archduke Luis Salvador in Mallorca, and 110 is the type of result that plants of our vineyard, so it is not in this case a metaphor but a tribute to the roots of our culture winegrowers.

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