Ca´n Majoral

Ca´n Majoral

Driven by desire and belief in Mallorca and more specifically in Campos , could make quality wines , we started this project , an adventure and an illusion . I Could not tell if it was to experiment, hobby or to pass the time , but the truth is we started planting and gradually , this project has grown in all aspects without ever losing sight of the main objective : grow , develop and market unique and quality wines.

We have a total of 17 hectares of vineyard with 14 different varieties , located in two places in the municipality of Algaida within the Pla , in the heart of Mallorca.

The Son Reus , in the road to the village of Pina, are near the great medieval possession , after the conquest , gave name to this land and replaced the Butibalausí , the original name given to Muslim farmstead . The lands are ex - percentage of clay with abundant iron oxide which gives it a reddish color we call red call .

The Son Roig , in the small office of the same name , situated in an idyllic landscape, are slightly undulating land , surrounded by almond, carob and fig trees. Just wrap mount Randa and Son Roig , type of soil is limestone and clay , best strains to absorb adequate moisture .

The cultivation of vines is ecological . That is, it is respectful to agricultural cycles and not using fertilizers or synthetic chemicals . From pruning of the vine until harvest, do a thorough survey of the health of both the plant and the quality of the grapes.

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