In 1979 we started a plantation on the island of Menorca, with several varieties of vines. The experience of several vintages led us to expand the vineyards with those strains best suited to the climate of the island. After years of dedication to making wine for family consumption , and then to build a modern bodega, in May 2004 came to market our first wines .

At present, the Bodegas Binifadet combine in perfect balance natural and scenic values ​​of the island of Menorca , declared a Biosphere Reserve due to its environment as careful as privileged , along with a helpful service, a relaxed atmosphere and, of course , a friendly , cheerful , youthful wines. All menorquines very , very Mediterranean .

In 2004 , the same year we started to market our wines , inaugurated modern facilities designed by the architect Lluís Vives Menorca .

Divided into two floors, the top is dedicated to winemaking , to the terrace and the store. The bottom is exclusively for wine aging , bottling and labeling . He carved marès is ideal to maintain the temperature and humidity : not too much moisture to prevent mold and low humidity to prevent excessive evaporation of the barrels (known by the romantic name of " Serving the Angel " ) , and stable temperature for rest assured that the wine .

All our vineyards are planted on the south side of the island, characterized by a calcareous subsoil ( marès , the typical limestone Menorca) covered by a layer of stones and clay soil , which make an ideal grape growing ground .

In addition, all tancas , or plots , which are our strains , are closed by "dry paret " usual menorquina wall made with stones that protects plants from wind Tramuntana , north wind so characteristic of our island .