Ca`n Pico

Ca`n Pico

In the cellar of Ca'n Pico coexist with more traditional elements of the art technology to make our goal a reality: achieving a perfect wines with individual character and personality that distinguish them from any other wine. Keep in mind that the total annual production of our winery is about 3000 liters, a very small amount when compared with the productions of other wineries. We therefore make it a very special wine and why we take care.

The harvest is done manually, in boxes of 15 kilos, to get a grape in top condition. Only those who are in perfect health and are in the perfect degree of ripeness are harvested under the supervision of our Chief vineyards. This raisins to a cold chamber where its temperature decreases to about 4 ° C, in order to avoid an uncontrolled start of fermentation, and also to preserve its qualities, especially the aromatic.

Vintage diposits01_wEl pressing is done with a pneumatic press to not damage the grapes. After removing sludge wort, fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks fitted with a double wall and a cooling system to control fermentation temperature, a key aspect in the production of white wines.

The completion of the fermentation is usually done in oak barrels of 225 liters capacity, origin mainly French but also American and Caucasian. Within these boots also runs the aging process in wood and fermented wine.

The winery has its own line of bottled and labeled, adapted to the volume of wine produced.

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Malvasia Sweet 2021 Can Pico

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