Miquel Gelabert

Miquel Gelabert

In 1985 , Miquel Gelabert case winery producing wines that now bears his name. Vins Miquel Gelabert was born as a small company devoted to research and delve into the care of the vine and the development of high quality wines . Learn from the old winegrowers art and secrets of growing vines and combines the latest technology with the artisan tradition in order to get the most of their grapes and offer wines with personality and character.

Since the early years , these wines have won major awards and citations , and are subject to wide acclaim both within and outside our borders . More than 56 prizes (most gold medals ) in the last 10 years , support the path of the winery, and his philosophy remains the surprising day who try their wines.

Currently Miquel Gelabert continues to pioneer research landraces as well as experimentation with grapes from elsewhere.


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