Mandia Vell

Mandia Vell

The “Mandia Vell” winery is one of the oldest estates in Mallorca and is located in the east of the island, between Manacor and Porto Cristo.
Due to the exceptional location of the vineyards, the grapes receive the first rays of sun of the day. In an area of ​​11 hectares we cultivate with great esteem and dedication, ecological and sustainable wine, olive trees and the raising of sheep and pigs.

In 2016, I, Thomas Wambsganss, took over the exploitation and production of wines on this historic piece of land.

The first written record dates from 1263.

Despite the fact that there were many changes of ownership in the time of our ancestors, the Romans, Moors and kings, today you can still recognize original elements and details of that time. During an archaeological study, a 3,500-year-old face carved in stone was documented.
This face is today the brand of my wines on clay bottles.

The name "Mandia"
The soldier Pere de Mandia gives the name to our winery. The estate was a gift from King Jaime I of Aragon to his best soldier as a reward for his meritorious acts after the reconquest and liberation of the Arabs in 1263.

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