Tomeu Isern

Tomeu Isern

TOMEU ISERN -- Petit Celler

Tomeu Isern is a small family winery craftsmanship that began its journey in 2004.

The first vines were first planted in 1996 with the idea of ​​producing a wine of own consumption. With the passage of time and seen the success of the first harvest is increasing every year was producing.

The uniqueness of products Tomeu Isern. Petit Celler is ensured through a strict process of craftsmanship. Clear focus on quality and technological advances without sacrificing the tradition, which is our identifying attribute and our reason for being.

The vineyards are located in the valley of Estellencs, are spread over small terraces surrounding the village. The vineyards currently occupy an area of two hectares, with a production of about 2 or 3 kilos per vine on average per year. Tasks are growing by Tomeu, with the help of his family and friends in times of harvest.

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