Toni Gelabert

Toni Gelabert

" Vins Toni Gelabert " is a small family winery , artisan development .

In 1979 Toni Gelabert began making wine . The illusion of the early years became over time, in a way of being , to feel, to love and to live. In a family vineyards , on its own initiative , Toni Gelabert , with the support of his daughters, his wife , family and friends, I made ​​every effort , from the balance in winemaking .

Curiosity and the desire to improve those early results gave him the necessary research to harmonize the smell and taste of wine creating interest.

Praised by winemakers and industry professionals sumilliers , Toni Gelabert launched in market quality wines . And he did it with the brand " saw the Terra Pla i Llevant , Mallorca " .

A few years later, in 1999 culminated the process of processing the DO Pla i Llevant .

That same year, the family Gelabert began construction of its new winery " Celler Ses 3 Ermites " near Manacor, on the lands of Son sludge .

In a placid plain. The light, wind , water and energy as elements of a building that is now home to serene wine

Toni Gelabert has 5 hectares of vineyard trellis conducted with lace trimming system Royat (leaving about 8 buds per vine ) .

The average production is about 2-3 kilos of grapes per year and strain .

Biologicals paid land , and to the cultivation work , pruning, harvest, racking and bottling, using the ancient system of biodynamics .

The capacity of the hold is 220 hectoliters. The juice of the grapes, harvested and selected by hand, fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks .

The reds rest of 12 to 15 months in French and American oak. The Chardonnay and White Torre des Canonge ferment and make a 3-month aging in new French oak barrels .

Intuition , labor and land a caress . Therefore, Toni Gelabert has received numerous awards in the Islands and beyond. Many merits give you the strength to continue and improve .

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