Picardia Negre Dolç 2012 Galmes i Ribot

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Vino de la Tierra Mallorca

varieties :
Pinot Noir

Natural sweet wine, limited production , to cultivate organic.

Due to the weather in the final phase of Maturation of uva , caracterizada fear elevadas temperatures , it is not us that your pasificación be difficult , since it is a variety that is acostumbrada more mature in cold climates .


harvesting of Pinot Noir grapes themselves has a Time in marchitado strain . Hacemos two selections in the first and the second cross vine at the time of entry into the cellar before being procesado . Afterwards , a hacemos prefermentative maceration in cold, Objective of them fijar varietal aromas . The wine is fermented in temperature muy baja , and stop the fermentation with conseguimos Frio and filters .

Red strawberry layer media with reflejos violet .
The Intensidad is highly aromatic , with predominance of fruity aromas ( fruta mature frutas wild and souvenirs of golosinas ) .
In the mouth has to a nice entrance and greedy , followed by a fruity and fresh mouth paso por muy buena acompañado of acidity and untuosidad , provided by the sweetness . The median Intensidad aftertaste .

Temperature of service :
Returning them 7 ° C.

Ideal with cheeses azules or curatorship , and chocolate negro con dulces elaborados .

consumption :
It Suited consumirlo exit from the Market primeros during these two years .

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